Shipping Rates

Our delivery rates in Thailand

If you have any questions or custom requests, please contact us at [email protected]

 Fresh MealsGrocery
Central Bangkok
(Yellow zone)

60 THB


Free if order is over 1,500 THB

Outer Bangkok
(Purple zone)

60 THB - 350 THB

Between 150 THB - 350 THB

Free if order over 3,000 THB

Nationwide -

390 THB 

Free if order over 7,000 THB


  • For the exact shipping rate, please enter your address on the online ordering page. If you have a question you'd like a person to help with, you can always check your address rate with us by emailing us at [email protected] 
  • Your Meal orders are shipped in well insulated delivery bags. We guarantee they are kept below 5C during transport up to the point where we drop them off.  We suggest eating your meal or storing it in the fridge directly. All meals do not have any preservatives, and are made from 100% fresh ingredients and will thus spoil quickly if left to out too long in the blistering Bangkok heat.
  • Grocery items are transported in a foam box with a generous pile of ice (dry ice for nationwide deliveries). Your items will be safe at all times despite the Thai sun trying its earnest. You can help us be a greener company by returning the foam box for re-use - just click "Free Container Pickup" at the bottom of our site.