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Shipping Rates

Our delivery rates in Thailand

If you have any questions or custom requests, please contact us at [email protected]

 Fresh Mealplan Grocery
Central Bangkok

60 THB


Free if order is over 1,500 THB

Outer Bangkok

60 THB - 350 THB

Between 150 THB - 350 THB

Free if order over 3,000 THB

Nationwide -

390 THB 

Free if order over 7,000 THB


  • For the exact shipping rate, please enter your address on the online ordering page. If you live outside of central Bangkok it's always good to confirm with [email protected] directly as some rates may not have been configured correctly. 
  • Your mealplan meals are shipped in well insulated delivery bags. We guarantee they are kept below 5C during transport up to the point where we drop them off. 
  • Eat your meal or store it in the fridge directly. All meals do not have any preservatives. All meals are made from 100% fresh ingredients and will spoil quickly if left to its own defense in the blistering Bangkok heat.
  • Grocery items are transported in a foam box with a generous pile of ice (dry ice for nationwide deliveries). Your items will be safe at all times despite the Thai sun trying its earnest. You can help us be a greener company by returning the foam box for re-use.