Airborne Rata Honey Creamed

New Zealand
Jar 500ml, Chilled
฿469 per 500ml Glass Jar (ex VAT)

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Airborne Honey was established over a century ago. They give meticulous attention to details, keeping honey as pure and high quality as it could be. Every single jar is pollen-count tested (for extra floral specie identification), raw and the very minimally heated so the honey's unique properties are reserved, and 100% tracible--just scan the QR on their bottle to learn exactly where your honey comes from. Southern Rata is one of several species of Rata found in New Zealand but is the one that most regularly produces a honey crop, although even this honey is sometimes in very short supply. Anyone who has seen the Rata flowering in January in the Otira Gorge west of Christchurch cannot forget the sight of this brilliant red carpet covering the mountains. This area produces the purest Rata honey, very white in color with a subtle, distinctive flavor, mild and rich - but not sweet, almost salty, considered by many to be the best of New Zealand Honeys. Rata works beautifully with cheese or poultry dishes. Ingredient: 100% Rata honey