Dark Chocolate Rocky Road Ice Cream

Pint (16oz Tub)
฿369 per Pint (ex VAT)

We know, we know - we had you at "rocky road." 🍫 Our rocky road ice cream is made with organic whole milk and locally sourced cacao from Chantaburi, and sweetened with coconut nectar. We even made our own homemade marshmallows (also from just three ingredients) and they dot the rich dark chocolate cream like white clouds in the night sky. Add in a sprinkling of walnuts to cut the intensity, and you're in rocky road heaven 😇 Just seven whole food ingredients. Ingredients: Chantaburi cacao, walnut, marshmallow (beef gelatin, coconut sugar, and egg white), organic milk, organic coconut nectar. Allergy warning: Contains dairy and egg. -- Wait a second, how is ice cream paleo? Newsflash - our paleolithic ancestors weren't digging into Ben & Jerry's very often. But - it's 2022, and ice cream exists, and it's delicious. Like really delicious. 🍦 At Paleo Robbie, we're not about holding back from treating yourself to some of life's most delicious desserts sometimes. We'd just prefer not to have to eat a laundry list of weird additives when we do. So we set out to make a whole-foods ice cream, the old-fashioned way, with an ingredients list that doesn't require a food chemistry PhD or a magnifying glass to read. So when it's time to indulge, you can feel good that it's whole-food ingredients that drive our flavors, not a bunch of additives that treat your gut bacteria like a punching bag 🥊 And you know what? It turns out that you don't need all those additives for incredible ice cream. They're in there for shelf life, cutting costs, or texture manipulation - not for taste, and definitely not for your health. As with our other products, we like to let high-quality ingredients drive the flavor. And we think the results speak for themselves. -- Want to geek out with us? 🤓 Here's what's NOT in our whole-food ice creams 👇 - No stabilizers / emulsifiers / "texturizers": These are usually gums, lecithins, carrageean, corn starch, hydrocolloids - or some combination. They're added so that the product melts more slowly, doesn't form ice crystals when partially defrosted, or for added "creaminess." That's nice for a product's presentation value - but not so nice when those same binding agents start interacting with your digestive tract! We use eggs in some of our ice creams as a healthy, natural emulsifier. - No cheap, inflammatory oils: Soybean, canola, or partially hydrogenated oils (mono/diglycerides) are often used in mass-market ice creams as a cheaper replacement for actual fat from dairy (milk). We don't use any oils in our ice creams. - No natural / artificial flavors: These are proprietary blends of chemicals that are designed to trick your tongue into recognizing a particular flavor, often without containing the real source of that flavor itself - like blueberry flavor with no blueberries. We prefer just using the blueberries. - No cane sugars or zero-calorie sweeteners: Look, if you're trying to cut carbs for a little while and still want a sweet treat, we get it! Sugar alcohols or hypersweet ingredients like stevia or thaumatin are not going to kill you, but it's still probably best to avoid long-term consumption of them - and definitely avoid the artificial ones. Our ice creams are sweetened with organic milk (naturally sweet) and organic coconut nectar (sugar), which has a significantly lower GI than cane sugar and also delivers a LOT more micronutrients with the sweetness. - Conventional dairy: When you can, go organic! Conventional dairy cows are usually fed GMO feed that's been sprayed with pesticides - residues can make their way into the milk.

Per 16oz Tub
Total Fat99 g
Total Protein19 g
Total Carbohydrates74 g
Total Fiber10 g