Grass-fed Greek Yogurt 300g

300gr Tub, Fresh
฿299 per 300g Tub (ex VAT)

UPCOUNTRY DELIVERY Please be aware that the yogurt may arrive frozen in transport, and this may effect its texture. Simply defrost in the fridge before use. --- What makes a real food yogurt? Keeping the ingredients real, of course. We set out to make a Greek yogurt because we were frustrated by the watered-down “Greek-style” versions you usually find at the supermarket - made with low-quality milk and stuffed with gelatin and/or gums to give it a “Greek-style” texture and cheap sugars to taper its natural flavor. No thanks. We’d rather just have the real thing. So we started with our 100% organic, grass-fed milk from Khao Yai, added some gut-boosting probiotics, let them work their magic, and strained out the leftover liquid whey. The result is the thickest, creamiest Greek yogurt you’ll be able to find. Seriously - check out the product photos to see how it compares to other yogurts on the market. This is how yogurt is supposed to be. Grass-fed, full fat, high in natural probiotics for your gut and milk proteins. The best part - this yogurt makes a fantastic base for either a quick, healthy snack (pair it with berries, cut fruits, or nuts) or a little more indulgent dessert experience (try it with dark chocolate nibs or granola). Or you could drop some into a smoothie to thicken it up with a creamy protein boost. Last but not least, you could use it as a base to make other dishes or dips (Indian curries or tzatziki come to mind). Tons of possibilities. We like it with: -our New Zealand blueberries -our Thai cacao nibs -our paleo granola -our organic maple syrup And many more. Happy creating! Keeps for 14 days in the fridge or one week after opening. Note: this yogurt is alive (it has live probiotics:)) so over time lactose content goes down and the taste might become a bit sourer (after many days).