Hunky Monkey Dark Choc Trail Mix

100g Bag
฿169 per 100g Bag (ex VAT)

Your new go-to trail mix for when you need a healthy, delicious snack on the go. After lots of testing different ingredient mixes, we settled on this one - it's got a great mix of crunch from the toasted almonds, cashew, and pumpkin seeds, plus a bit of sweetness from banana chips, and rounded out by the smooth 85% dark chocolate (from our friends at Siamaya Chocolate in Chiang Mai). Great for the whole family. Allergen note: Contains dairy (in our dark chocolate, 85% is Thai cacao and the other 15% is whole milk, instead of cane sugar which is normally used). Ingredients: Toasted almonds, Siamaya 85% dark chocolate, banana chips, toasted cashew, toasted pumpkin seeds.

Per 100g Bag
Total Fat40 g
Total Protein17 g
Total Carbohydrates31 g
Total Fiber0 g