Paleo Cod Fish Fingers

4.5  (4  reviews)
Vacuum Pack 290-310gr, 6-8 pieces, Frozen
฿199 per Pack (ex VAT)

100% Paleo Fish Fingers with curry flavor! All you need to do is oven bake at 150C until crispy or golden brown. You can also deep fry them in a healthy oil like coconut oil until golden brown. Prepare straight from frozen. Perfect snack for you or your kids. Best enjoyed with a delicious sauce on the side. Ingredients: Wild-caught Cod from Alaska, Pasture-fed chicken egg whites, Almond flour, Fleur De Sel, Curry Powder.

Per Pack
Total Fat41 g
Total Protein72 g
Total Carbohydrates16 g
Total Fiber9 g
   3 years ago
quality meat
   3 years ago
Instructions could be a bit more exact. I ended up over cooking these as a result because they don't brown the way I am used to.
   3 years ago
a real surprise - lovely fish, batter separates when defrosting so you need to re-roll or add more bread crumbs
   4 years ago
The crumbs tend to come off too easily when frying