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Pasture-raised Duck Eggs

From Khao Yai
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Tray of 10
฿125 per

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Pasture-raised Duck Eggs from Klong Phai farms where they roam freely without any restriction. These ducks do not receive any industrial feed, antibiotics, fish meal or any other drugs. Compare Chicken Eggs with Duck eggs nutrition wise and Duck eggs win hands-down, because proportionally they have much more yolk (where all the nutritional goodness is) More micronutrients, more protein, and more Omega-3s. Give them a try. Our chickens and ducks spend most of their time outside pulling out healthy beetles and worms from grass patches and getting plenty of vitamin D. This lifestyle and diet gives our eggs a firmer texture and a better omega 3:6 ratio. Our farmers are able to train the hens to lay the eggs in a cosy coop as they naturally like a quiet and relaxing place. So rest assured, the humans taking care of them don't have to work long hours each day to find the eggs:) At the Paleo Robbie farm, our hens forage for their own diet and sometimes get lucky and find larvae and termites. At dinner we spoil them with turmeric which helps boost their immune system and crickets to ensure they receive all the nutrients they need. We know for a fact that healthy chickens and ducks produce better eggs and we are confident to say we have the best in Thailand. As the chickens have strong immune systems, the farms simply don't need to use any antibiotics. Pasture-raised poultry is always free of growth hormone promoters. Robbie wrote this blog article a while back about why you never find pasture-raised eggs in the supermarket.

   2 years ago
By far the best eggs I've had in years, actually since the eggs I had from backyard chickens I had back home as a kid!!
   2 years ago
The best eggs I've ever eaten, they are absolutely fresh and delicious when fried in wagyu beef fat and a little grass-fed ghee.
   3 years ago
Eggs are ok, but I got two cracked ones...