Unscrambling egg labels
September 16, 2019
Today the term  free-range and  organic has become an empty term, you can label eggs as free-range if chickens have 2sq feet of space or more per chicken:

You might also be wondering why you never see  pasture-fed chicken eggs at supermarkets, that's because you cannot industrially farm pasture-fed chickens in large quantities.

As well as a bigger space, pasture-fed chickens also need natural grasses and a foraging diet:

While they are a little more expensive to look after and feed, pasture-fed eggs provide you with more nutritional benefits than free-range and caged eggs:

At Paleo Robbie we sell two types of eggs, they are:

Pasture-fed - you can find  pasture-fed  duck and chicken eggs at our grocery.

Our chickens and ducks roam around free each day and their diet includes foliage, ants, insects and worms.

They are pasture-fed and go beyond all the requirements shown in the images above. 

Our chicken sanctuary contains a huge termite hill which gives chickens access to food 24/7. 

Free-range - our free-range chickens are sourced from Koi Korat and they also wander around in open fields all day, while they do pick a few worms and eat larvae their diet isn't as rich as their pasture-fed brothers.

Due to their upbringing, we don't force our chickens to lay extra eggs. We have a limited quantity per week and you may see our eggs listed as out of stock as from time-to-time.

Not only our eggs better and tastier for you, our chickens also get to be happy and healthy chickens. You can view all our eggs in our Pastured-Chicken section of our grocery:

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