Red Boat Fish Sauce 500ml

Glass bottle 500ml
฿~599฿479 per 500ml Bottle (ex VAT)

Why is Red Boat Fish Sauce different? Quite simply, Red Boat Fish Sauce is the purest fish sauce around, and some of the best in the world. It's made traditionally in Phu Quoc, Vietnam (just across the Gulf of Thailand from Koh Samui!) with only two ingredients - wild black anchovies, caught off Phu Quoc, and Vietnamese white sea salt. That's it. None of the added sugars, MSG, hydrolyzed wheat protein, or sodium benzoate you'll find in literally 100% of the other fish sauces on the market. (Seriously, check your labels! Even the "premium" ones.) The third ingredient in Red Boat Fish Sauce, if you can call it that, is time. Their fish sauce ferments for at least 1 year in giant wooden barrels. Mass market fish sauces generally are fermented for a maximum of 3 months (often aided by chemical fermentation agents to speed up the process). The extra time and the aged wood that Red Boat ferments in impart a deeper, richer color and flavor. Red Boat Fish Sauce is in a league of its own in purity and taste. Just a few drops of this stuff will add that savory umami flavor to anything you're cooking - whether it be Asian dishes, or you're experimenting with adding those flavors to other cuisines. Don't believe us? How about famous chefs like David Chang trying Red Boat Fish Sauce? (Here he is adding it to...*gasp*... pasta.) We suggest trying it in your favorite go-to stir fries but also experimenting with it in other dishes just to see what that deep umami flavor can do for your other favorite dishes. But be careful! A little goes a long way. This is not your average fish sauce ;) Ingredients: Wild black anchovies, Vietnamese white sea salt