Sliced Pork Collar - Shabu Shabu

250g Vacuum Pack, Frozen
฿112 per 250g Pack

Description Upon popular demand Paleo Robbie is introducing a Sliced Pork Collar - Shabu Set! Perfect for a cosy hot pot night with friends. Origin Sourced from our free-range farm in Ratchaburi, where the pigs enjoy unlimited access to the outdoors resulting in healthy, sanitary and happy animals. The pigs are never treated with synthetic hormones or given GMO containing grains. The animals are never stressed, and allowed to a happy life in the field. ===For more information, please read below=== All of our pork is free-range. Why should you care whether it's free-range, hygienic, organic or commercially farmed? For the very same reason that you would eat pasture-fed chicken or beef! In Thailand, the different labelling is very confusing and very vague. We have spent many hours to make sense of this industrial-sponsored mass-marketing drivel and it boils down to this; eat free-range pork. Organic pork is merely a labelling slapped on the packaging to let you know that the farm adheres to standards that are more focused on farm inputs and land management. Most certifiers only require that the farm complies with a weakly enforced code of practice for animal welfare. The code offers minimum welfare standards for the pigs. Hygenic pork is also a very vague terminology with very little information offered except the pigs are raised in sanitary conditions. Free-range however means that the pigs are raised with unrestricted daytime access to the outdoors areas that are suitable for grazing and are provided with shade and shelter. The animals must use the outdoor areas each day unless they choose to shelter due to weather conditions. This results in very healthy pigs that are happy. Free-range pigs are cleaner as they don't spend most of their lives caked in mud, dirt and faeces which can lead to health issues which industrial farms combat by administering large amounts of antibiotics to the animal. The antibiotics that are administered to the pig then eventually finds its way to you. Our farms raise only heritage breed pigs, which are slow-growing and selected for their deep flavors and excellent health. Think of them as an heirloom tomato, or squash, providing biodiversity. The pigs are never treated with synthetic hormones or given GMO containing grains. The animals are never stressed, and allowed to a happy life in the field. With unrestricted outdoor access, the pigs are left to be their natural omnivore selves, (pigs eat a little bit of everything, not just grass), free-range pork is a home run for our bodies, compared to those raised on factory farms. Free-range pork offers high quality fats, with a better ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids compared to industrial-farm raised. The high quality lard from free-range pigs also contains high amounts of vitamin D and vitamin A which industrial farmed pork contain minimal amounts of. Finally, free-range pork is a great source of selenium (74% more!) which helps your body combat free radicals, supports healthy thyroid function and strong immune system. Selenium needs vitamin E to work as an antioxidant, which makes free-range pork such an amazing food since it has both!

Per 100 grams
Total Fat21 g
Total Protein17 g
Total Carbohydrates0 g
Total Fiber0 g