Steve's Tuscan Salsiccia Sausage (Thin)

250gr, Vacuum Packed, Frozen
฿149 per 250g Pack (ex VAT)

"Steve's 'Salsiccia Toscano' comes after a working trip to Tuscany, Nov. 2018. This was a combination of listening, learning and working along side 6 artisanal Norcino's (traditional Italian butcher specialising in the art of salumi) in villages from Lombardi to Lucca, Lari to La Colinata where the famed Lardo di Colinata GOP comes from. The recipe 'I hope' represents what I found in Tuscany, a depth of history, a passion passed through generation and a people with a great love of their food. To stay in the realm this 'sausage' stays with tradition, the main concept of this is too 'eat salsiccia RAW with good crusty bread. In Asia, and most parts of the world we generally cook sausages, in this there is a slight reduction in salt to accommodate the cooking process. Best grilled, pan fried with a little oil, BBQ'd. Enjoy"