Sweet Potato Wedge

1kg ZipLock Pack , Frozen
฿199 per 1 KG pack (ex VAT)

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Home-made Sweet Potato Wedges for the oven or deep fryer. Unlike supermarket options, there is no sugar, preservatives, or hydrogenated vegetable oil in our product. A healthy yummy easy snack at home. Heating Instruction: Defrost overnight in the refrigerator. Deep-fry or oven roast at 180C for 7 - 12 minutes. Air fryer at 180C for 5 - 7 Ingredients: Sweet potato, extra virgin olive oil, paprika, garlic powder, rosemary, sea salt, black pepper.

Per 1 KG pack
Total Fat1 g
Total Protein20 g
Total Carbohydrates238 g
Total Fiber37 g