Wild Caught Pacific Natural Small Cod Loin 3 pack

Frozen, 3 Loins Per Vacuum Pack, Approx 380 - 420gr
฿369 per 3 Loin Pack

A pack of 3 skinless loins, each 120-140 grams in size. Wild caught Pacific cod from Alaska. MSC certified. Pacific Cod also known as true cod are desirable for their mild flavor and tender yet firm meat texture. The cooked meat is white, lean and flaky with low fat content. The delicate flavor of Pacific Cod lends itself to a variety of sauces and seasonings. ============= Robbie's (somewhat lengthy) Notes Regarding Cod Processing and Catch: These days the cutting and processing of virtually all fish, save for your own catch, happens in factories. The fish market is highly competitive so factories are forced to offer bottom sales prices to distributors. In order to get lower prices some sneaky tricks have become standard practice today. - The use of Sodium Tripolyphosphate and or other chemicals to increase the water content of the fish. Processing of fish is most effectively done by hand. Since manual labour is expensive, many fish processing factories are now located in China, Vietnam and Thailand where it's very commonly treated with Sodium Tripolyphosphate, or STPP in short. The treatment involves soaking the fish in a bath of water mixed with STPP and or other phosphates. The sole purpose of STPP is to soak up water into the loin and thus driving down the cost per kilogram. Afterwards a glazing is added around the fish to 'protect' the fish from freezer burn. This was initially as little as 3%, but nowadays 20% water is more common than not. The result is a cod loin that will cost you very little at first glance, but when you finally put it in the pan you'll see 30 to 50% of your money evaporate in thin air. Because when you cook/steam/roast the fish all of that added water will come out. Aside from the deception, STPP is not an innocent additive. It's harmful for your health and you should avoid it. Secondly the quality of the loin goes down when it's bathed in this compound, so you're eating a worse fish too. Our cod is not soaked in poly-phosphates and not glazed. We do use a brine made with salt and seaweed. - To achieve lower prices some fish processing factories use fish from unregulated sources, which may lead to over fishing or damaging of the ocean habitats. At Paleo Robbie we insist on our suppliers providing us the certification from the Marine Sustainability Council (MSC) which we attached as one of the images alongside our Cod fish listing on our store. MSC certification means the fish is always wild-caught in their native habitat in a sustainable way that prevents over fishing, destruction of the ocean floor or unwanted by catch such as turtles and dolphins. We will also not sell any fish that has been processed in China due to unethical food practices. So in a nutshell, our cod is the best your money can buy because it has no soaking, no glazing, is sustainable caught and certified, not processed in china, is chemical free and tastes the best. Worried about mercury or STPP in your fish? We also sample test our wild caught fish in a third party lab to be sure. You can find the results and more information about mercury here.

Per 100 grams
Total Fat1 g
Total Protein18 g
Total Carbohydrates0 g
Total Fiber0 g