Where to deliver your meals?
Where to deliver your meals?
We're sorry, we only deliver our Prepared Meals inside our Bangkok delivery area.

However, we deliver most Grocery items nationwide, including a wide variety of paleo Frozen Meals.
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Rancher's breakfast

w/ sausage, pasture-raised eggs, and nitrate-free bacon
1063 Calories
68G Fat
55G Protein
59G Carbs
฿299 (ex VAT)
Info See Regular and Jumbo portions information

When breakfast is this good, you can eat it any time of day! For years we've been asked to serve a breakfast or brunch-worthy meal, and it's finally here. For the first in the series, this is our "rancher's breakfast" - designed to start your day with a delicious, balanced macronutrient injection from ingredients you would easily find on a working ranch or farm. We start with pasture-raised scrambled chicken eggs - if you're used to conventionally-raised eggs, you'll taste the difference. Lean, clean protein and choline. Then we bring in nitrate-free, free-range bacon and some of Sloane's garlic & sun-dried tomato sausages for a protein boost and some healthy fats. We finish the plate with our super popular sweet potato wedges for smart carbs and USDA organic kale, mushrooms, and tomato for a nice dose of greens. This breakfast is a nutrient-dense and very filling way to start your day! Also makes a great lunch or brunch for those who don't break their fasts at the traditional time. Either way, don't plan on eating soon after finishing this plate! Ingredients: Pasture-raised chicken eggs, nitrate-free smoked, cured bacon, garlic & sun-dried tomato sausages, USDA organic kale, shiitake mushroom, sweet potato, paprika, tomato, fleur de sel, black pepper, thyme, extra virgin olive oil, shiitake mushroom.