The Primal Grocery

The Primal Grocery is an online Grocery where you can find over 510+ hard to find health items delivered ANYWHERE in Thailand.

Unlike traditional supermarkets, we do not stock any processed or refined foods, nor do we stock factory farmed meat or fish.

Our meat is either free-range or pasture-fed, all fish is wild-caught and always free of antibiotics and other chemicals. We lab test all our meat and fish and publicly post the results on our site (keep reading to see our tests). 

We are a family run business and even have our own our local-co-op farm in Thailand.

We help raise 385 pasture-fed chickens who spend most their days wondering the farm eating worms, termites and natural foliage, food chickens are  meant to eat. We do not feed our chickens corn or soy.

We pride ourselves on sourcing dozens of exclusive items you cannot find anywhere else in Thailand such as wild-caught Sockeye salmon from Alaska, Pasture-fed Canterbury Ribeye from New Zealand, Pasture-fed Veal Broth, a weekly organic veggie box, organic coffee and more.

To make trying the Primal Grocery even easier, you can use the voucher PALEO250 to get 250฿ off your first order when spending 2,000฿ or more:


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Voucher code: PALEO250 

(250฿ off your first order, min spend 2,000฿)

We carefully curate our Grocery to provide you with the purest produce we can find that meets our strict guidelines.

You can be sure that everything at the Primal Grocery is real food (chemical and hormone free, click here to view our lab tests).

We like to think of ourselves of how a Grocery store would be in the 1800s, before the introduction of the industrial revolution or mass farming practices... and before there was sugar in everything. Real food everyone can trust.

Wild Sockeye Salmon and Home Made Grass Fed Ghee 

Primal Grocery was born because we wanted to give everyone living in Thailand the ability to order real food, clean and quality ingredients that are free of hormones, hidden sugars and other chemicals that should not go into the human body.

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Voucher: PALEO250

(250฿ off your first order, min spend 2,000฿)

How to Place your First Order

Placing your first order is easy. You can simply visit the Primal Grocery and select your groceries from our 24 food categories. 

Minimum order to Bangkok is 750฿ with 90฿ shipping, and we offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders to Bangkok over 1,500฿. To learn more about nationwide delivery in Thailand, click here.

After picking your goodies and creating your account, you'll be asked to choose your delivery time slot (Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm).

Then all that's left is to make payment. We accept Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin and ATM/bank transfer: 

To ensure all items in your cart are still available please make the payment directly. Sometimes items can go out of stock. Once we receive the payment we will reserve all your items and guarantee we'll be able to deliver at the selected time. 

After we receive your payment we will carefully pack your box with plenty of ice to make sure all your items will withstand the blistering Bangkok heat without a problem. 

The Primal Grocery isn't exclusively for those who care about eating healthy. It's for everyone. 

We stock everyday items such as pasture-fed eggs, gravlax salmon, homemade pesto, avocados 30% below supermarket prices, free-range sausages, 100% nut butter, spices, natural and organic wines, imported pasture-fed ribeyes, sugar-free snacks, frozen berries and more.

Place your first order today and 250฿ off your first order when you use the voucher code PALEO250:

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Voucher code: PALEO250 

(250฿ off your first order, min spend 2,000฿)

Former Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova has been using the Primal Grocery for 2 years, in her very own unboxing video she reveals why:


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See Our Grocery List

    Voucher code: PALEO250 

(250฿ off your first order, min spend 2,000฿)