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100% Organic Acai Pure Berries With your Next Order


This week you can grab a free pack of Organic Acai Pure Berries with your next Grocery order when using the voucher code PaleoAcai.

Organic Acai Pure Berries are the ultimate superfood, and if you keep reading below, you'll find out why.


Voucher code: PaleoAcai

Organic Acai Pure Berries are found in the Amazon Forest and are 100% wild-grown.

NO added sugar, additives or artificial ingredients. 

They are widely considered the ultimate berry superfood due to their insanely high ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity), which is a unit of measurement for the level of antioxidants in food.

Antioxidants can prevent cell damage, improve quality of sleep, aid in organ function and help you maintain a healthy vision and hearing.

Each Organic Acai Pure Berry contains 2x more ORAC than Blueberries:

Organic Acai Pure Berries can be eaten right out the bag, added to smoothies, salads or you can get creative and make your very own Acai Berry bowl:

(Organic Acai Pure, Frozen berries, Cashew butter, Hemp seeds, Coconut flakes. You can find all these items at our grocery)

Organic Acai Pure helps aid digestion and is used by many as an energy booster over coffee and stimulating beverages.

If you struggle to get enough antioxidants in your diet, they are a convenient and tasty way to top up when needed. 

Grab your free pack of Organic Acai Pure by adding the voucher code PaleoAcai to your next Grocery order. You have nothing to lose and your body has everything to gain.

Voucher code: PaleoAcai
Offer ends 29th October.

[Meal Plan] Menu 23-28 October


We have just updated this week’s meal plan, you can view our online menu by button below:




  • If you’re a new Paleo Robbie customer, use the voucher code Paleo450 and 450b off your first order when ordering 6 or more meals.

If you’ve never tried the Paleo Robbie Meal Plan before here’s a quick overview:


From Monday to Saturday we serve 4 new meals each day with a number of delicious and healthy side orders:


Simply visit our Meal Plan page, make your selections and we will deliver your meals the following week on the days you selected them.


  • If you’re a new Paleo Robbie customer, use the voucher code Paleo450 and 450b off your first order when ordering 6 or more meals.


Here's what others are saying about us on Facebook:

15 Pasture-fed Thanksgiving Turkey's just arrived! 


We are glad to announce that we have a very limited supply of real pasture-fed turkeys for this Thanksgiving at the Grocery. 

We asked the local farmers to raise them BIG. Each turkey is around 6-8kg, which is enough to feed over 10 hungry mouths and then some. 

Unlike any turkey you can find at the supermarkets, our turkeys are completely pasture-fed, free from growth hormones and antibiotics.

By choosing pasture-fed turkeys this Thanksgiving, not only do you receive a tastier and healthier Thanksgiving dinner, but you also help support local ethical and sustainable farmers in Thailand.

We only have 15 pastured-fed turkeys this week and are selling them on a first-come first serve basis. Our pasture-fed turkeys are uncooked and can't be found in the supermarkets.

You can learn more about our pasture-fed turkeys in the New Arrivals section of the Paleo Grocery:


Happy Thanksgiving,

Paleo Sabrina

15% off Pasture-fed Lamb at the Grocery


If you're a lamb lover then this week is the opportunity to try the Grocery for the first time. Until this Sunday only all pasture-fed lamb from New Zealand is 15% off. No voucher needed.

Our vision at Paleo Robbie is to make healthy and ethically sourced food affordable and available to everyone. Our lamb is sourced from pasture-fed farms where they graze outside all day. They do not receive any antibiotics or growth hormones. 

15% off New Zealand pasture-fed lamb.

We have 8 different cuts of lamb available. Not sure which items to add to your basket?

Our current best seller is the frenched lamb rack. We call it the pinnacle of New Zealand's pasture-fed lamb. It's consistently juicy, tender and naturally lean. Serves 2-4 people. 

Lamb Rack Frenched Cap Off

Our New Zealand pasture-fed lamb is 100% antibiotic and hormone growth promoter free. 

This week is the perfect opportunity for you to explore and experience our grocery and get your hands on the most ethically sourced and best-tasting lamb in Thailand at 15% off:

15% off New Zealand pasture-fed lamb.
Offer ends October 15th.

40% off Alaskan Wild Sockeye Salmon!


This week you can find our Wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (our best seller) at 40% off at the Grocery, no voucher needed.

Did you know that as much as 4 in 5 people are not eating enough fish? Omega 3's especially DHA and EPA are important for a healthy cardiovascular system. 

Wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is packed with vitamin B12, B6, omega 3s and naturally occurring antioxidants that go a long way to improving health and wellness.

Wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is not to be confused with generic supermarket farmed salmon that has a lighter skin color, less flavorsome taste and injected with dye.

Here are some key differences between wild and farm salmon:

All Wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon at Paleo Robbie feed on zooplankton (the food Sockeye eat to give them their rich red skin color) and have been wild caught from the Pacific Ocean.

A single fillet weighs between 700-950g and is big enough to serve 4-6 people.

At 40% off this  week it's the perfect time to stock up or level up from farmed to wild and reap the health benefits.

To get your hands on our new shipment of Wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, simply visit the Wild Fish section of the Paleo Grocery:

40% off Wild Sockeye Salmon. Offer ends October 8th.

Free pack of Raw Almonds (225g) with your next Grocery order


This week at the Grocery you can take advantage of our free pack of Raw Almonds (225g) offer when using the voucher code PaleoRaw.

Voucher code: PaleoRaw
One free pack of Raw Almonds (225g).

Did you know that Raw Almonds are high in protein and healthy fats and provide several nutritional benefits? Well it's true:

If you often eat sugary snacks between meals or are always unable to find healthy foods during your daily commute or lunch break, our Raw Almonds are not only packed with healthy fats and protein, but are also a tasty and convenient way to curb your hunger without having to feel guilty.

Unlike most nuts you find in local Bangkok stores, Paleo Robbie Raw Almonds are not fumigated or pasteurized, nor do we add salt, MSG or hydrogenated oils:

Raw Almonds can be kept in your kitchen for months without spoiling, making them the perfect sugar-free health snack any time of the day.

Becoming a more healthy individual is all about making tiny changes to your diet over time.
Take advantage of this week's free pack of Raw Almonds (225g) by replacing any unhealthy snacks.

Remember, a handful of almonds each day keeps the sweets and biscuits at bay.


You can find your Raw Almonds (225g) in the Nuts and Seeds section of the grocery.

Take full advantage of free pack of Raw Almonds (225g) by using the voucher code PaleoRaw at checkout:

Voucher code: PaleoRaw
Offer ends 1st October.

Min Delivery to Bangkok 1,500b. Min Delivery Nationwide 3,000b.

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