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[Meal Plan] Menu 22-27 January


We have just updated this week’s meal plan, you can view our online menu by button below:

  • If you’re a new Paleo Robbie customer, use the voucher code Paleo450 and 450b off your first order when ordering 6 or more meals.


If you’ve never tried the Paleo Robbie Meal Plan before here’s a quick overview:


If you don't have the time to cook, are looking for an alternative to fast food or subscribe to the healthy lifestyle philosophy, then the Paleo Meal Plan is for you. Stop worrying about whether the food you're eating is healthy by giving our nutritionally balanced meals a try.


We deliver meals to your home, office or gym 6 times per week, meals are made fresh from scratch on the day of delivery and delivered around a time that suits you. Each meal you receive comes with an ingredient breakdown and nutrition facts so you know exactly what goes into your mouth:

Whether you want extra energy throughout the day, more greens and high quality produce in your diet, or just don't have the time to prepare your own meals, Paleo Robbie is here to help and make you feel better and healthier. 


If you have yet to try the Paleo Robbie Meal Plan service, all new customer can receive 450b off their first order when ordering 6 or more meals using the voucher code Paleo450.


You can view our Meal Plan by clicking the button below:


  • If you’re a new Paleo Robbie customer, use the voucher code Paleo450 and 450b off your first order when ordering 6 or more meals.


Here's what others are saying about us on Facebook:

50% off Chicken Breast (Free-range) Ends Sunday


This week you can get our Free-range Chicken Breast at 50% off when you use the voucher ChickenPaleo (min spend 2,500฿).

I told you we were starting off BIG in 2018!

Keep reading below to see the LAB CERTIFICATE tests of our chicken breast.

Ends 21st January 

100% free-range. NO hormones or antibiotics added.

The term free-range and organic has become an empty term of late, and that's why we like to back up what we say.

Here is our antibiotic certificate which confirms there are no antibiotics or hormones in our chicken.

When we say our products are free-range, we mean it.

This is the perfect week to try our Free-range Chicken Breast for the first time and really taste the difference for yourself.

Place your order this week and get 50% off our Free-range Chicken Breast when you spend 2,500฿ or more.

Voucher: ChickenPaleo
Min spend 2,500฿
Starts 15th of January. Ends 21st January 

40% off Wild Sockeye Salmon & 20% off Ribeye Steak

Happy New Year!

The Paleo Grocery is now open for the New Year, and we are starting 2018 BIG!

This week you can get Wild-caught Sockeye Salmon at 40% off and Pasture-fed Prime Steer Ribeye at 20% off.

Wild Sockeye Salmon - Sourced from Alaska, best known for its extremely orange skin, delicate taste and protein content.  This is a new batch of Sockeye that we just received.

Ends 14th January.
Free Bangkok delivery for all orders over 1,500฿

Prime Ribeye - Pasture-fed from New Zealand, incredibly lean, tasteful and B12 rich. Free of synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics.

You can find our Wild-caught Sockeye Salmon in the Wild Salmon section and our Pasture-fed Ribeye in the Steaks section:

Ends 14th January.
Free Bangkok delivery for all orders over 1,500฿


3 packs of Sloane's Lincolnshire Sausages (worth 855฿) 

This week you can get 3 packs of Sloane's Lincolnshire Sausages (worth 855฿) FREE using the voucher Sloane3 when you spend 5,000฿ or more.

Or you can get a single pack for FREE using the voucher Sloane1 when you spend 2,500฿ or more.


Voucher: Sloane3

Free delivery to Bangkok with this voucher

Made from 100% free-range Pork (97.6%), Salt (0.8%), Herbs & Spices (1.6%). Gluten-free.


Joe Sloane's Lincolnshire Sausages are among our best selling items.

All pork is sourced from his very own sustainable pig farm, 100% free-range and arguably the healthiest and tastiest free-range pork in Thailand.

Voucher: Sloane3

We also have 10% off white sauerkraut for this promotion.

If you have ever heard the term good bacteria, foods like sauerkraut help replenish good bacteria making for better food digestion and overall health... they also happen to go great with sausages too!

The Paleo Grocery will be closed on December 23rd and reopens January 5th, take this opportunity to stock up on healthy foods for Christmas.


Visit our Grocery today and get your 3 packs of Sloane's Lincolnshire Sausages (worth 855฿) FREE using the voucher Sloane3 when you spend 5,000฿ or more.

Voucher: Sloane3

Free delivery to Bangkok with this voucher

Offer ends December 17th.

30+ new items added to the Grocery

In the last 7 days we have added over 30 new items.

Our new items include:

Wild Kangaroo Rump and Loin Fillet - a great ultra lean red meat with less than 2% fat, high in protein, iron and perfect for BBQs. 

100% Pure Coconut MCT Oil - Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil has been known to improve mental focus, support healthy weight management and regulate blood sugar levels and insulin.

It's commonly mixed with Grass-fed butter or Ghee (you can find both in the Primal Diary section) and coffee to make what is known as bulletproof coffee which helps with focus and cognitive function. 

White Pyrenees Lamb Shoulder & Boneless Leg - Pasture-fed from the foothills of the Pyrenees Ranges. 

All White Pyrenees Lambs are raised without antibiotics and are free of growth hormones. They are also fed turnips, brassicas, lentils, lupins and oats giving them a rich marbling and juicy taste - perfect for group dinners. 

Kombucha- is fermented tea and natural sugar and referred to as the Immortal Health Elixir as it helps maintain a healthy liver, gut, mental health and reduces inflammation. 

We have also added New Zealand Hass Avocados, Organic Tahini, InstaKetones, a range of coffee and more to our Grocery the last few weeks.

You can find all our new items in the New Arrivals Section of our Grocery:

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