Spicy Grapao Boneless Chicken Thighs

425g pack, Vacuumed, Frozen
฿219 per 425g pack (ex VAT)

Juicy, boneless, roasted pasture-raised chicken. Spicy (and we mean proper grapao spicy - you have been warned!) Thai basil and chili. It's not your average grapao, which would normally be minced (and made with low-grade meats & oils...), but as a standalone snack or as the protein main event of a quick & easy dinner...it's great! Roasted to juicy perfection by our chefs, you just heat and eat! Ingredients: Pasture-raised chicken thigh, Red Boat Fish Sauce, Thai holy basil, chilis, garlic, fleur de sel, black pepper.

Per 425g pack
Total Fat75 g
Total Protein79 g
Total Carbohydrates7 g
     Total Fiber1 g