Wild Tuna Ground - Sashimi Grade AA & AAA

500gr Pack
฿420 per 500g Pack

Description A very high quality, lean protein source that works great in various recipes. This product is AAA sashimi-grade and can be enjoyed raw. Origin Our wild-caught Yellowfin tuna is sustainably caught using practices that preserve the ocean's eco-system. Sourced from the blue waters of the Pacific ocean, our fishermen are committed to using hand-line techniques that have a low level of by-catch. We love this fish for the heart-healthy source of omega-3 fatty acids. Our tunas are only caught when in season locally, and Yellowfin tuna is one of the tuna species with the lowest mercury content. To make sure that you get the lowest amount of mercury possible, we source smaller and younger Yellowfin tunas as they have much less mercury than larger and older tunas. Recommendations Excellent for many raw recipes such as tuna timbale, tekka don, tuna tartare or your own poke bowl with avocados and kimchi.

Per 100 grams
Total Fat15 g
Total Protein23 g
Total Carbohydrates1 g
Total Fiber0 g