Lamb Rogan Josh w/ Cauliflower Rice Ready Meal

BPA Free Container 800-950gr, Frozen
฿399 per Frozen Meal (ex VAT)

Comes frozen. Defrost completely before heating up. Oven 10 minutes 150C, Microwave 2-3 minutes on medium/high. -- We've brought back one of our tribe's favorite, classic Indian-inspired dishes, the Lamb Rogan Josh. Succulent, tender pieces of lamb leg meat in a rich coconut cream-based curry sauce, served with our infamous cauliflower rice. Perfect for when you're craving Indian food. Ingredients: Pasture-raised lamb leg, onion, ginger, garlic, green chili, coconut oil, coconut milk, masala spice, cinnamon, cardamom, paprika, dried chili, tomato paste, cauliflower, salt

Per Jumbo
Total Fat73 g
Total Protein71 g
Total Carbohydrates43 g
Total Fiber13 g