5 Reasons Why You Want A Meal Plan
February 14, 2023


If meal planning can be done for you at no additional cost, why would you NOT want a meal plan?

I use a hybrid solution of ordering from a Meal Plan, cooking, having someone cook for me, and eating out. Not so surprising the premium Meal Plan meals I order end up being the cheapest alternative. Also it really beats traffic and having to go through the rain every day this month.

Over the last 5 years as the co-founder of Paleo Robbie I've basically eaten at least one meal from the Paleo Meal Plan 5 days a week (I've also tried out most other services in Bangkok), and I want to share my experiences with you.

Even though I eat less from the Meal Plan than when I got started (too many options in Bangkok I guess), I do find the below 5 reasons making it just a no brainer for anyone to order from a Meal Plan if you're lucky to have one that delivers in your area. 


As someone who has been meal planning for years, I’ve got 5 reasons why you want a meal plan.


1. Meal plans save stress

Is there anything more stressful than having to come up with what’s for dinner every night? Having committed to a meal plan that lasts at least an entire week only requires you to have to think of what’s for dinner once in an entire week!

With a meal plan, you are covering that base once for at least seven days. This is my number one benefit for putting forth the 'effort' of committing to a Meal Plan.

2. You can eat at any time

When you know you have a meal arriving at your home or your office, just make sure you pick a delivery time before you usually get hungry.

Most Meal Plan services deliver their meals chilled (or at least they should to keep the meals fresher) and you can just quickly re-heat within 5min once you start to feel peckish - or order big ass salads of course which can be eaten cold:).

Your meeting is running longer than expected? No stress. Last minute dinner invite? Just keep the meal in a fridge and eat it the next day. Cooked meals stay good to eat for at least 2-3 days. Meals with raw ingredients should be eaten on the same day.

3. Easier to avoid the munchies or unhealthy snacks

Replace bad calories with good calories, especially on those Friday nights... having a fridge where a filling wholesome healthy meal is waiting for you is a wonderful solution. It's actually easier to grab a ready to eat meal from the fridge than ordering from FoodPanda, GrabFood or another food delivery service.

4. Save time

No need to go shopping, no need to be in a traffic jam, no need to think what to eat, no need to prep food, no need to clean the pans :)

5. Save cost

This benefit is highly underestimated by people just starting a Meal Plan. When you shop at Villa or Gourmet Market, you somehow always pay more than a 1,000 baht. When you sit down in a restaurant and order a grass-fed ribeye, or a braised lamb-shank, or wild salmon, how much did you pay last time? Even ordering meals with good protein sources from last-minute food delivery services is surprisingly expensive.



Pssst. Looking to make meal planning and eating healthy as easy as pie? Check out the Paleo Meal Plan menu below:


See Our Meal Plan


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