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Let's start with the King 👑They don't call it King Salmon for nothing! The largest of the salmon species, many chefs consider wild King salmon (sometimes also called Chinook salmon) to be
When the rain or traffic ruins your dinner plans, or on those days you'd rather Netflix and chilli con carne with the family instead of cooking, did you know you
Pasture-raised lamb is an often overlooked and super nutrient-dense protein source. A quick Google search for chicken, beef or fish recipes shows there are 3x as many recipes for those
Do you know the requirements needed to label eggs as pasture-raised or free-range eggs?  Our hens topping up their vitamin D and searching for roads to cross Free-range Versus Pasture-raisedThere are
Our wild sockeye salmon fillet strips - cut into 120g servings Wild Alaskan salmon should not be confused with Norwegian or Scottish salmon which are both farmed. The biggest differences between
One of the things we pride ourselves on is ensuring that all of our protein sources are free of growth promoters, antibiotics and other nasties that find their way into industrial-grade food. All
If meal planning can be done for you at no additional cost, why would you NOT want a meal plan?I use a hybrid solution of ordering from a Meal
Doing a little cooking that calls for ground beef? We’ve got good news - today we’re, uh... beefing up our selection! 😎By popular request, we’ve taken some of our most popular grass-fed ground
Today the term free-range and organic has become empty terms. You can label eggs as free-range if chickens have 2sq feet of space or more per chicken.You might also be wondering why you
Every year more than 42,000 people have been infected by the virus and has resulted in more than 35 deaths in Thailand alone.The dengue fever virus is transmitted by
Beef is a staple in the Paleo diet, but not just any beef. Grass-fed beef, specifically is an incredible source of nutrition. Grass-fed beef provides value for money since you're
How to measure air pollution in Thailand At the time of writing (Sunday, December 2nd) air pollution in Bangkok according to the Air Quality Index sits between 157-104 depending on your location.
Looking for an early holiday treat? Look no further 👇We’re happy to have been able to secure a limited supply of the “Handpicked” range of from New Zealand’s Pure South group, one of
Have you tried our pasture-fed broth yet?You can drink it for breakfast, add it to your meals as a marinade or use it as a remedy to improve gut health and digestion.
Have you thought about “going keto” yet? The keto, or ketogenic, diet is super popular. Today in part 1 of our series on keto we’ll discuss what the ketogenic diet
Don't you just love starting out your day with a nice breakfast of poached eggs and a side of crispy bacon? It’s definitely a tasty, filling and nutritious way to
We've all heard the saying "I've got a gut feeling" or "go with your gut feeling." Are these merely old sayings, or is there some deeper wisdom behind them?Modern science
In case you’re new around here, or as a quick reminder - at Paleo Robbie we carry & cook with only 100% grass-fed and finished beef for three main reasons:‣
This month we are focusing on how to minimize toxic intake from foods, and there's no better place to start than the oils we use for cooking. Below I've written
Thailand loves sugar and it is in just about everything… including your favorite drinks! And they don’t just put in a little to add to the taste, often you
There are typically two types of beef you can find in supermarkets. They are:Grain/corn fed - Conventionally raised cows that live in 'feedlots' for intensive animal farming. They live on confined spaces
Did you know 113g of beef liver contains almost as many vitamins as 2.5kg of fruit?Is Paleo Robbie spreading fake news?No, really it does. Per 100g, beef liver contains a mighty punch of nutrients.
(Try Our Made-to-order Cold-pressed Juices! No sugar added. Super nutritious and refreshing!) Whether you're a working professional, digital nomad, a caring parent or a health conscious individual who's trying to
Today we are very excited to announce a new addition to our best-selling pasture-raised steak lineup! Say hello to USDA organic-certified, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef from OBE Organic farms in Queensland,
You might have heard it more than once...Doesn’t eating fat make you fat? This is one piece of misinformation that just won’t die; it simply gets resurrected in a slightly
For a few months behind the scenes at Paleo HQ we’ve been tinkering with recipes for one of the staples of ancestral nutrition- bone broth. Easy to pour and store -
April and May are Bangkok’s hottest months with dehydration creeping up on all of us. Expect to see the heat reach 38c this week which will feel much closer to
Looking for a great watch next time you fire up Netflix with your loved one?We’d “steer” you toward the excellent new documentary Kiss the Ground, which details the damage that’s been
According to a recent poll (data linked in the footer), it's estimated that around 64.6% of adults in Bangkok face an insufficiency in Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is caused
Cholesterol could easily be described as the smoking gun of the last two decades. It's been blamed for just about every case of heart disease on top of being responsible for
(Our own version of Khao mun gai is tasty too! Vegetable oil free and packed with fiber!)Thailand is one of the best places in the world to eat cheap and delicious
At Paleo Robbie we often use the term wild caught when talking about our fish, but what does it really mean and is it better than farmed fish? The term wild simply