September 03, 2018

By Primal Bob 

For many years, most people pursuing fitness and athletic endeavors-accomplishments have thought it best to use carbohydrates as a source of fuel. We have been told (and are still being informed) by the so-called experts, that having a big high-carb meal of pasta-spaghetti, etc …. the night before a big game or event will serve as the best energy source. I was definitely stuck in that paradigm (rut) for years, trying my best to load up with starchy carbohydrates especially, but eventually and especially in longer bouts of exercise or long races, my fuel (glycogen stores) would diminish.

Yet, in the past several or more years, the science of fueling for exercise has evolved significantly. Now, many exercise physiologists are recommending healthy fats sources to athletes and everyday exercisers. Participants in longer distance events are now often seen fueling on fatty treats like almond butter or coconut butter packets. There is much evidence now, to prove that fueling with fats should be considered as a main source of energy, and for your overall metabolism. This article best explains this paradigm shift.

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Today, my primal eating habits consist of a good daily amount of healthy fats, used either for cooking or eating – butter, ghee, avocado oil, coconut oil, avocados, olives, nuts & seeds, coconut products, olive oil, nut butters, etc …. I would guess that my nutritional/macronutrient intake would be about 50% fats, 30% proteins, and around 20% carbohydrates (mainly from vegetables, quinoa, wild rice and a bit of fruits).

My daily energy levels have been consistently high throughout the day, with very few lulls, whereas I used to often experience a late afternoon energy crash. I attribute much of my current daily energy to my food-drink intake. It is obvious that my body has adapted, and changed from my earlier carb-heavy days as a “sugar-burner” to now becoming fully fat-adapted and a “fat-burning machine!”

I hope many others can follow a similar path to becoming fat-adapted. More to come on fat, cholesterol, etc …. in upcoming posts. For now, try adding more healthy fats into your daily nutrition plan!




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