Staying Fit For Life
October 06, 2018

 By Primal Bob 

In the past, I was definitely what you might call a “chronic fitness freak” – usually working out or playing a game/sport for 6-7 days each week. These days, I have definitely slowed down a bit, yet I still do my best to find time to “move” as much as possible throughout each day. I now follow the Primal Blueprint Fitness Pyramid, shown here:



You can see that the base of the pyramid is mostly about just moving, and I often go for long walks on the weekends, for up to 2-3 hours at times (with breaks); or for a relaxed ride on my Elliptigo bike. This can serve as my own form of meditation, or I often listen to an educational podcast. Next up on the pyramid is the more recognized fitness advice – I do some form of strength/resistance training, but usually only up to twice each week. And finally, I try to do some form of sprinting-moving fast about once a week or so.

This can be barefoot sprinting on a nice grass field, or doing some intervals on a rowing machine, elliptical machine, spin bike, or even some quick sprints in a swimming pool. You will also note the very important PLAY and RECOVER facets included in this “program.”

Overall, this model is surely feasible for most people to achieve. Many athletes, including the long-distance endurance crowd, are discovering that they can train less – if they are smarter and more intuitive about their training. By resting more and including some strength training in their regimens, they find the value in keeping difficult workouts shorter, and the easy sessions more relaxed and longer.

In conclusion, I think you will find that this excellent article offers a good number of parameters for your own personal goal of staying Fit for Life – especially in our world today, when many people often feel stressed on a daily basis, or as the distractions and tasks increase – we fail to find time for some form of exercise or just some movement.
There are a great number of tips included, as you will hopefully find several that resonate with your own personal situation and daily schedule. Have a great upcoming weekend!

“Just because some is good doesn’t mean more is better.”



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