Oh My Cod - Our Best Selling White Fish Just Got Better!
June 04, 2021

We just received our newest batch of Alaskan wild-caught pacific natural cod, and we cod not be happier. They taste great and have a pro-sustainability story. You can find cod just about anywhere in Thailand, so what makes our cod special?

Well, cod is unfortunately cheated with a lot to get lower prices. We made sure our cod is:

  • ‣ Sustainable wild-caught
  • ‣ MSC certified
  • ‣ Phosphate or poly-phosphate free
  • ‣ Not glazed

Check out our wild-caught pacific natural cod loin and fillets

These days the cutting and processing of virtually all fish, except for your own catch, happens in factories. The fish market is highly competitive so factories are forced to offer bottom sales prices to distributors. In order to get lower prices some sneaky tricks have become standard practice today.

Cod is very often processed in China where it's treated with phosphates. The cods are soaked in water with phosphates, which results in the cod absorbing much of that water. Then they are glazed again afterwards to 'protect' from freezer burn. This layer of protection started out as 3%, but nowadays 20% is very common. 

If you ever cooked cod before and noticed your pan was full of water, then this is why. All that water comes out again when you cook it. So while cod looks cheap at first, you'll later see that money evaporate. Aside from this deception, the phosphates aren't great for your health either to say the least and should be avoided.

Our wild-caught pacific natural cod is 100% phosphate-free and has not been glazed. Our cod is brined with good old sea salt and seaweed. Nothing else. Cod is a very lean fish, so it tends to dry out quickly. This brine helps ensure you get a juicy fillet on your plate. 

We pride ourselves on being a name you can trust, that's why we insist on our suppliers providing us with the certification from the Marine Sustainability Council (MSC). MSC certification means the fish is always wild-caught in their native habitat in a sustainable manner that doesn't endanger the species or damage the ocean floor. We are working on getting an MSC certificate for all of our fish. Here's the one for the Cod from Alaska:

If you're looking to add more sustainably caught fish to your diet, you can trust in our cod! We recommend going with skinless loin if it's your first time trying our cod as its the most convenient one to use. 


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