Our Ground Meats Are Looking Mighty Fine
February 11, 2023

Doing a little cooking that calls for ground beef? We’ve got good news - today we’re, uh... beefing up our selection! 😎

By popular request, we’ve taken some of our most popular grass-fed ground beef products and created some more finely-ground options.

Our new, more finely-ground varieties: Nice to meat you

This is great for recipes where a finer grind suits the dish - think tacos, lasagna or pasta sauces, stir fries, and lots of other tasty dishes. Our regular ground meats are a little more coarse, good for recipes which call for the ground meat to be chunkier and retain some moisture, like a chili or burgers.

We’ve added two new fine-ground options to start so you can pick some up and get cookin’ 👩🏻‍🍳

Or maybe you like your beef looking more like a delicious steak? 🥩

We’ve got something special for you this week too. Check out the new “special occasion” ribeye in our bestselling grass-fed steaks lineup - straight from Australia’s Vintage Beef Company.

That's what MB3+ marbling from many years of grazing on open pastures looks like.

Inspired by northwestern Spain’s famous Galician beef, a breed which is commonly grazed on pasture for more than a decade before slaughter - allowing lots of time for natural marbling to develop and impart a rich, deep flavor - the Vintage Beef Company decided to do the same with their breeding cattle on their farms in Tasmania. 🐄

Their animals graze year-round for at least 5 years (and for some, much longer) with no supplementary grain in their diets - which gives this beef a uniquely deep, grass-fed flavor and great marbling (our ribeyes are MB3+ on the marble scoring scale). That rich yellow fat is especially flavorful and delicious (and rich in omega 3’s and CLA…).

From the Vintage Beef farms in Tasmania. 100% grass-fed...for at least 5 years.

Learn more about Vintage Beef at their great website, and try out a uniquely flavorful ribeye for your next steak night...10% off launch pricing for this week only! 🥩🍷



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