We Are Raising The 'Steaks'!
January 19, 2022

Looking for a great watch next time you fire up Netflix with your loved one?

We’d “steer” you toward the excellent new documentary Kiss the Ground, which details the damage that’s been done to our earth’s soil layer by conventional industrial agriculture over the last several decades, the threat this situation poses to our food security and further climate change...and how to fix it!

You can check out the trailer on Youtube here.

We won’t spoil it for you - it’s well worth the watch - but the film does an excellent job making the case for regenerative agriculture, the term for farming and grazing practices that mimic nature’s own ecological patterns to restore the vitality of soil, as a leading solution to actually reverse, not just slow, climate change.

There’s lots of talk about reducing our rate of ongoing carbon emissions, but these regenerative agricultural practices - including raising animals on pasture and rotating them periodically to replenish the nutrients in the soil - take it a step further and can actually reverse climate change by sequestering carbon back out of the atmosphere and into our soil.

This is a topic that’s pretty near and dear to us at Paleo Robbie - so much so, that we’d love to give you a bit of extra motivation to give the film a watch! 

Our most popular 100% pasture-raised beef & lamb cuts include:

  • ‣ Our Canterbury steaks, including our bestselling ribeye and thick-cut ribeye, 100% grass-fed and finished in New Zealand

  • ‣ Our OBE Organics steaks - straight from regenerative farms in Tasmania, Australia

  • ‣ Our New Zealand lamb, from a range of 100% pasture-raised farming operations in New Zealand including Pure Sout

Left: Our Canterbury grass-fed ribeyes, bestsellers for 7 years running.
Right: Cattle grazing on regenerated pasturelands at OBE Organic farms in Tasmania, Australia

Last but not least - need a little help on cooking your steak just right? Check out our short video we put together over on our Instagram for a quick how-to video


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