Wild Fish VS Farmed Fish - Which Is Better For You?
March 04, 2020

At Paleo Robbie we often use the term wild caught when talking about our fish, but what does it really mean and is it better than farmed fish?

The term wild simply refers to a fish that was caught in its natural environment (sea or river), and during its lifetime has had zero human interaction. I.e. they are not fed industrial feed or dye, they are not forced to breed or kept in tiny spaces on a farm. They live freely and do as they please.

Is wild really better than farmed?

The biggest difference between wild and farmed fish is what they eat and where they swim. Wild fish consume what their body is meant to eat (marine life, algae and other ocean like things). We all know salmon as a pink colored fish. It's the shrimp and krill they consume that color their flesh naturally. 

Farmed fish are fed industrial feed that promotes their growth and doesn't contain any or much of the natural feed. This often makes the fish sick and sometimes unhealthy to eat. Farmed fish such as salmon have grey flesh, because they don't eat any krill or shrimp.

Instead, they are fed dye as part of their nutrition to give their flesh the same color. 

Wild fish is healthier in every aspect, take wild salmon against farmed salmon as an example:

Image Source

There is no substitute for wild fish, it is superior in every single way. The main reason people select farmed over wild is due to its cheaper price, At Paleo Robbie our goal isn't to provide our health-conscious customers with the cheapest items, it's to provide them with the best.

We do everything we can to ensure all fish is wild-caught and to the highest standards, we refuse to sell farmed items because we don't believe in it. All our Meal Plan dishes made with fish are 100% wild-caught.

So the next time you scroll down our wild fish and wild salmon section of the Paleo Grocery, we hope you will give more of our wild fish a try, your mind, body and fridge will thank you for it. 


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