Instructions for Week 1 of the Siam Invitational 2017
August 20, 2017

PaleoRobbie is proud to sponsor week 1 of the Siam Invitational 2017! 🔥🔥🔥

We are giving away up to 100,000 baht in sponsorship and prizes 🏆:

  • the winner of week 1 will get a PaleoRobbie in-store credit package worth 7,500, 17,500 or 47,500 baht
  • every participant that orders from the PaleoRobbie Grocery will get our bestselling NZ pasture-fed Ribeye steak thrown in with any regular order of only 1,500 baht or more (limited to 2,000 steaks)*


The lucky (and very fit) winner of week 1 will get to spend between 7,500 and a whopping 47,500 baht on 300+ amazingly healthy groceries from the Paleo Grocery or paleo meals from the Paleo Meal Plan


"How do I claim/win these prizes?" Here are the instructions. You must complete 1. and 2. and you will receive a voucher for the pasture-fed Ribeye. In addition, to win the main prize you must finish in first place for the event in week 1 as described under no. 3. below.

  1. Share this FB post on your FB timeline 
  2. Enter your email here and a voucher code to claim your free pasture-fed Ribeye will be sent to you

    Register for week 1 here

    * indicates required
    Sports Affinity

  3. Win the week 1 challenge. The exact challenge will be announced on Monday 28 Aug on the Siam Invitational page.
    To prove your time, please post a video of you doing the challenge on your FB timeline with #SiamInvitational #PaleoRobbie and tag the page Siam Invitational and PaleoRobbie. A team for 3 judges will watch your video to evaluate your performance.


Hold on, you said the winner will get 7,500, 17,500 or 47,500 baht to spend like cash at PaleoRobbie ... so how can I help the winner to get the biggest prize?

For the main prize it is a guaranteed 7,500 baht, and we are using stretch goals to increase the size of the week 1 prize. These goals must be reached on the day of the finals (end of week 5) of the Siam Invitational 2017:

Guaranteed Prize for 1st place in week 1 

7,500 baht Savage package 🏆
Reached when our FB post is shared 1 time (we'll share it;))


Stretch Goal No.1 

upgraded to 17,500 baht Warrior package 🏆🏆
Reached when our FB post is shared 100 times
(Can we beat our top post? Our '
Bangkok is getting hotter' post has 1,317 shares at the time of writing)


Stretch Goal No.2 

upgraded to a 47,500 baht Chieftain package 🏆🏆🏆
Reached when our FB post is shared 250 times


We love this event and we are grateful to be sponsor and help build this community effort which will hopefully be a lot of fun in the name of promoting active and healthy lifestyles. 

Want to add some real food to your healthy lifestyle? Go check out what rockin' this week on
The Grocery , or what's cookin' on the Paleo Meal Plan.

  *  note: we're giving away up to 2,000 imported pasture-fed ribeye steaks which is big a sponsorship amount and to be clear we are adding our bestselling pasture-fed ribeye for free to every regular order and the normal minimum order of 1,500 baht still applies


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