113g of beef liver has more vitamin and minerals than 2.5kg fruit
September 09, 2018

Did you know 113g of beef liver contains almost as much vitamins as 2.5kg of fruit?

Is Paleo Robbie spreading fake news?

No, really it does. Per 100g, beef liver contains a mighty punch of nutrients. It blows all fruits out of the water. 

The first chart shows the vitamin and mineral breakdown for 450g of strawberries + 1800g of Papaya (2.5kg of fruit).

The second chart shows vitamin and mineral breakdown for 113g of beef liver.

Note the liver is almost equal in vitamins and minerals with much less calories and carbs but more protein:

You can find the source and article to the image above in the footer of this article.

This isn't to say you should throw your fruit and vegetables off your condo balcony, they too should be part of your daily diet.

But with such an impressive number of important nutrients, it's probably a good idea to choose our milk and grass-fed veal every now and then or even once a week. 

"I tried liver before, and I didn't like it."

There's a huge difference between farmed liver and Grass and Milk-fed liver. The liver is the organ that digests food. If you feed animals corn and hormones, the liver will taste...well.. terrible. 

When the liver digests food that it needs to perform optimally (grass and natural foliage) it completely changes the taste and texture.

Our Grass and Milk-fed Veal liver is hormone and steroid free and calves roam free all day feeding on the lush grasslands of Victoria, Australia. You can pan fry it just like you would a steak, best cooked in pasture-fed ghee or butter. Overcooked liver tastes pretty bad, so keep an eye out for that. 

Liver is best served with strong tasting vegetables like onions.

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Link to article if you'd like to learn more about the benefits of beef liver.

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