Benefits of Pasture-Raised Bone Broth
November 24, 2022

Have you tried our pasture-fed broth yet?

You can drink it for breakfast, add it to your meals as a marinade or use it as a remedy to improve gut health and digestion. When you think about, broth is one of the few real foods that is eaten globally.

It's used in most noodle and soup dishes in Asia, while in Danish and German culture large hens were specifically reserved for making soup, and there's even a very old South American Proverb that says "Good broth will resurrect the dead", although that's only a proverb, not factual :). 

The origin of that proverb came because they used to give bone broth to people who were ill to replenish lost minerals and vitamins.


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Bone Broth contains the following minerals: 

  • • Calcium
  • • Magnesium
  • • Copper
  • • Iron
  • • Manganese
  • • Phosphorus
  • • Potassium
  • • Sodium

And several amino acids such as collagen, gelatin, glycosaminoglycans, glycine, proline, glutamine and bone marrow. We have linked an article below should you want to read more about how broth is used to improve well-being and longevity, and the benefits the minerals and amino acids provide your body.

Our pasture-fed bone broth is made in-house using organic veggies and pasture-fed veal or chicken bones. It's simmered for 12 hours at 232 degrees Celsius to extract all the marrow and gelatin from our pasture-raised bones.

You can find Pasture-fed Beef Bone Broth and Pasture-fed Chicken Broth on our Grocery page, try it for a few weeks and see if you notice any changes to your well-being. 



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