Looking For An Early Thanksgiving Treat?
December 01, 2022

Looking for an early holiday treat? Look no further 👇

We’re happy to have been able to secure a limited supply of the “Handpicked” range of from New Zealand’s Pure South group, one of the most renowned grass-fed beef farmer’s collectives in a country known for great quality beef 🐄

Handpicked by master butchers and then dry-aged for 55 days.

The Handpicked range is truly their best beef - it’s selected by their master butchers when the beef arrives from the limited number of farms that participate in producing it. To qualify, the beef must have a marbling score of 4 or more (ribeye), and is also assessed by the master beef graders for its color (both the muscle and the fat) and the pH level of the meat.

These handpicked, premium cuts are then expertly dry-aged for 55 days in vacuum bags to further develop the flavor profile and tenderness 😍

At Paleo Robbie we’re fortunate to be able to try a wide variety of grass-fed beef from around the globe (hey, someone has to do it..), and the Handpicked range has been consistently great across multiple tastings and is definitely a staff-favorite. 

The dry-aging really adds a great tenderness and brings out the mild, grass-fed flavor of this beef.

As always with our beef, the Handpicked range is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, never on a feedlot or grain/corn-fed. Healthy animals = healthy steak (and healthy ecosystem!)

(Looks like we’re not alone in thinking that - Pure South’s Handpicked ribeyes just took home the gold medal in the ribeye category at the World Steak Challenge in Dublin this month.)

The only taste test that really matters, however, is...yours! Give the Handpicked range (we’ve got ribeye and striploin) a try, and let us know if you like it as much as we do 🥩🍷

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