Gourmet Roast Chicken At Home In Minutes
August 19, 2022

We love a good roasted chicken - with juicy, flavorful meat and crispy golden skin 🍗

The problem?

It takes a lot of work (and practice) to prep, carve, and cook the bird just right! ...until now, of course 😉

Enter our new Sous Vide Butterfly Chickens - we've made it super easy to have a gourmet roast chicken dinner at home, for two or for the whole family 🐓

Baby chicken on the left (feeds 2), whole chicken on the right (feeds 4).

We start with our bestselling pasture-raised chickens from Khao Yai, and then:

  • ‣ debone them (except the drumsticks)
  • ‣ butterfly them - this means we cut it down the middle, and open it flat like a book (see the photo above!)
  • ‣ season very lightly with salt and pepper
  • ‣ cook them in the sous vide until perfectly cooked throughout
  • ‣ ...and then flash freeze them!

Because the bird has already been perfectly cooked (by sous vide), you don't have to worry about over or undercooking it.

All you have to do to finish it is defrost it and then pop it in the oven until it has that crispy, golden brown skin. Couldn't be easier, and VERY hard to mess up 😉

This 2-step process makes a great result guaranteed - and oh so easy.

You can add additional seasoning(s) if you like, or a light brush of oil to really ensure a flavorful, crispy skin. That's up to you 👩🏻‍🍳

We've got the sous vide, butterfly option for both the:

Full (and easy!) reheating instructions for both are included on the product detail pages - just click the photo 🙂

We're super happy with the result of this process and can't wait for our tribe to give this a try! The finished chicken is juicy, crispy, flavorful...and super easy to bring together in no time flat.

We think it's a weekday dinner game-changer 😉

We couldn't celebrate the launch of our Sous Vide Butterfly Chickens without giving you a chance to serve some nutritious, delicious side dishes alongside!

The possibilities are many...

As good as it looks, and ready in minutes.

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