Your Ground Beef Staples Will Never Be The Same
March 03, 2023

Three weeks ago we were (finally) able to bring you what many beef lovers consider to be the best steaks in the world: the 100% grass-fed wagyu lineup from our friends at First Light Farms in New Zealand.

Good news - we didn't stop with just the steaks.

We figured that the incredibly robust, clean, and "beefy" flavor of this wagyu would upgrade some of our favorite ground beef recipes from "solid" to "magical."

After some taste-testing (someone has to do it), we're happy to report that First Light delivers...again.

Grab these and try them out for your next burgers, meatballs, or other ground beef dishes - we can assure you that you'll notice the difference in flavor and mouthfeel.

1. Grass-fed wagyu burger patties

Made with 100% chuck, we've deliberately left the patties unseasoned because of the excellent natural flavor of the beef. (We still recommend seasoning with salt and pepper to taste...but that's it.)

At approximately 20% fat, these burgers have a juiciness and depth of flavor that will make it hard to go back to anything else! 

2. Grass-fed wagyu meatballs

Similar to the burgers, we've kept the seasoning to a minimum here because the flavor of the meat is already fantastic - we've only added a dusting of salt, pepper, and oregano.

The meatballs are made with a mixture of topside and brisket, making them very flavorful with just the right amount of fat to accentuate the flavor.

And for those that want to have a go yourself, or make another ground-beef based dish (a spectacular bolognese comes to mind...🍝), we're offering ground wagyu with two different mixes:

3. Grass-fed wagyu - 100% chuck

Chuck is the classic option for minced beef. At about 80% lean there is still a nice amount of (healthy!) fat in the mince to help it stick together and impart incredible juiciness and flavor. Great for burgers, sliders, meatballs, and more. 

4. Grass-fed wagyu - brisket & topside

This mix is a bit more lean at about 85/15 - making it great for bolognese, pies, or tacos - but still packs that distinctive flavor.


Not only is First Light's wagyu incredibly flavorful - praised by chefs and foodies around the world - but it's also incredibly healthy beef, testing with a perfect omega 3 to 6 fat ratio of 1:1.3.

Typical grain-finished, feedlot beef can come in as high as 1:20 or more, which is far in excess of the human ancestral diet's estimated ratio of about 1:1 up to 1:3.

Healthy soils --> healthy cows --> healthy humans. 

Short version? This is beef you can feel great about eating on a regular basis - nutrient-dense, highly sustainable, and super flavorful.


Try this simple bunless recipe at home and you'll love it! 

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