Taking Shabu Shabu Night Up A Notch (Or Two)
May 31, 2023


We love a great "shabu shabu" hotpot night, whether at a restaurant or at home. Gathering around a great hotpot is a guaranteed way to have a great night with friends or family.

Plus - it should be super healthy!

The problem is most restaurants are cutting corners to save on ingredient costs - think mass-produced sauces with questionable additives, cheap meats, watered-down broths, and MSG for some cheap umami.

That's where we come in.

Our thinly-sliced "shabu" meats and collagen-rich homemade broths have already been popular with our tribe for a long time.

But today we're excited to bring you our small-batch shabu sauces, made with the best ingredients we could get our hands on...including organic soy we sourced just for this project.

Check'em out:

‣ Robbie's Sesame: Made with organic Japanese white miso & organic tamari, you'll get a delicious nutty flavor & thick umami

‣ Robbie's Ponzu: Using fresh-squeezed citrus - no powders or concentrates - with organic tamari, bonito, and kombu. Delicious zesty flavor that cuts through a rich broth.

‣ Robbie's Suki: Thai-style suki sauce made with fresh garlic, chilis, and honey. Just the right combination of spice and sweet. A staff favorite at Paleo HQ.

‣ Robbie's Shoyu: We use organic tamari for our shoyu and add bonito and kombu for intense umami, some black rice vinegar for an acidic pop, and then a touch of honey to round out the flavor. A classic.

For the tastiest - and healthiest! - shabu shabu night you've ever had at home, grab a set of sauces and then mix and match the rest of your hotpot from our:


Cooking broths - homemade and flash frozen to preserve nutrients and flavor. 

  • ‣ Vegetable broth, salt free - NEW!
  • ‣ Vegetarian shiitake & turmeric broth, salt free - NEW!
  • ‣ Tom yum chicken bone broth - NEW!
  • ‣ Vietnamese Pho beef bone broth
  • ‣ Miso pork bone broth
  • ‣ Kombu salmon bone broth
  • ‣ Scallion & ginger chicken bone broth

Shabu thin-sliced meats 

  • ‣ Grass-fed NZ oyster blade, brisket, topside, or ribeye
  • ‣ Free-range pork loin, collar, or belly

Shabu-ready veggies 

  • ‣ Our "Shabu veggie set" - which includes shiitake mushrooms, leek, white onion, cabbage, carrot, pak choi, pumpkin, and organic kale
  • ‣ Freshly-made zucchini noodles



Craving a delicious hotpot yet? 




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