May 03, 2022

For a few months behind the scenes at Paleo HQ we’ve been tinkering with recipes for one of the staples of ancestral nutrition
- bone broth

Easy to pour and store - 7 flavors to choose from!

For thousands of years, our ancestors have made full use of the animal (after eating the organs and the meat) by tossing the bones, cartilage/connective tissues, marrow, and the rest into a broth which simmers for many hours on low heat. The result is simply the most nutrient-dense beverage you can drink.

For starters, properly-made bone broth is absolutely chock full of collagen, which is well known for its restorative ability for your skin, gut, and brain tissues - among many other things. (Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body.) 

Quick side note #1 - if you want to check the collagen content of your bone broth, try the refrigerator test! Left in the fridge for a while, high-collagen bone broth will congeal, like ours in the picture below:

Collagen sitting on top of our homemade broth

What a lot of people may not know is that bone broth is also very high in glycine - an important amino acid to consume if you consume a lot of lean cuts of meat (guilty!), which can lead to having too much methionine in your diet (often cited as a reason to avoid red meat). Glycine counteracts the impact of high methionine - keeping your liver in shape and regulating inflammation.
Long story short - drinking a high-quality bone broth allows you to replicate the huge nutritional benefits of nose-to-tail eating, especially important if you eat a lot of meat. Naturally, we use only bones and marrow from pasture-fed animals, which is then simmered for 10+ hours before skimming off the solids. But why stop there? For our new broths, we also added immunity-boosting mushrooms and spices to make a super food even more super.

We can’t wait for you to try our new flavors:

Quick side note #2: You might be wondering - what’s the difference between these broths and the existing broths we sell on our Grocery?

The answer is that those broths are designed to be used as a stock for cooking (although a lot of our customers do sip them as a beverage as well!). This means they are simmered for less time and the recipes are kept more minimal to make the stock more versatile as a cooking base.

Anyway, super nutrient-dense bone broth that tastes this good is almost too good to be true. No joke - we are putting in a full-time hot bone broth dispenser at Paleo HQ because our staff can’t keep their hands off of our Grocery supply ;)
We really believe these broths can and should be a staple in you and your family’s ancestrally-based diets. They certainly have become for us. If you pick some up, please feel free to drop us some feedback by email or on social media! We look forward to developing even more flavor varieties together.
Secondly, and not altogether unrelated, we realized we didn’t have a strong, real food chicken soup in our lineup to turn to when life just calls for a simple, well-executed chicken soup...and you don’t want to turn to a canned product, stuffed full of preservatives, that’s been on a shelf for years.
So we asked our Chef Andrew, our executive chef, to create one.
He came back with a delicious, Mediterranean-inspired soup that is great to have in the freezer to pull out for a rainy day, when you’re a bit under the weather, or when you just want a great bowl of chicken soup.

 Paleo Chicken Soup - made from whole foods

This soup is packed full of shredded pasture-raised chicken meat as well as the other staple ingredients of a good chicken soup: broccoli, cauliflower, potato, onion, carrot, and celery. The added oregano, lemon, and dill give the soup a very pleasant overall flavor profile.

Simply cut open the packaging, slide the frozen soup into a pot on low-medium heat, and enjoy when it’s warmed up. Simple, nutrient-dense, good for the soul. Enjoy!

PS: Want to learn more about the health benefits of bone broth? Check out this articleThe Bountiful Benefits of Bone Broth: A Comprehensive Guide

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